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Colombia is a country blessed by its geographical location, rich in hydrographic areas, rivers, flood zones, lakes and streams that cover great part of the country, which makes us fortunate owners of a great patrimony of neotropical ichtyofauna endemic and of incalculable beauty.


Acolpeces was founded in 1972 as the, Colombian association of producers and exporters of ornamental fish, with the main purpose of grouping companies and representing them to the government agencies and many more entities involved in the trade. Acolpeces sponsors and promotes the use of proper and sustainable fishing practices and proper management of our resources in ways that are beneficial and sustainable for all parts involved. We seek to promote and develop research programs in order to improve the quality of our fish and meet the demand of our customers abroad, being our activity controlled and friendly to the environment.

Beneficios y Servicios

  • We protect the rights and interests of associated.
  • Represent associates at national and international level to achieve diversification of ornamental fish market and its different business lines.
  • Associate and accept legally constituted companies responsible to ensure and endorse an excellent negotiation with the various international markets.
  • We work with regulatory entities to protect and ensure the sustainability of our natural resources.
  • We Promote the commercial activity of associated in order to generate a source of legal income and working for vulnerable populations in remote areas of our territory.
  • We represent the associated before state agencies that regulate commercial activity.
  • We help promote the business of associated in the international markets.
  • We formulate and promote research projects, developed with the partnership of public and private entities with the aim of improving and maintaining the competitiveness of the associated abroad.
  • We are the meeting point between the various entities regulatory of ornamental fish export activity, the different logistics companies and associated.